Friday, July 22, 2011

Magic Wands for Wizards

We made some magic wands for our little wizards!

Some old apple sticks that we gleaned from an orchard last fall had all the right magical qualities, and my violin bow was willing to spare a couple of unicorn hairs.

Our resident wizardry expert had certain ideas about how his wand was to be assembled.  (It needed to have a phoenix feather inside the wood.)  We drilled a tiny, deep hole into the handle end of the stick like this:

And then he stuffed the feather inside:

We trimmed off the last little bit of feather that was left sticking out, and I wrapped the handle with a fine gold wire.

It looks very magical, and has been used almost non-stop for the past week.  Diego has finally managed to produce a jet of green light.  (We had some fun this morning doing slow exposures with a flashlight, and coloring the image in Photoshop.  Is it too heavy on the green?  My art director had some very specific demands.)

Now, if I could only get that "SILENCIO" charm to work!


  1. So darling! I love the feather in there, so cool!

  2. does the feather go all the way through the wand?
    Like the one in this video?

  3. Wow, Anonymous, that is too cool! Our feather only went in about two inches.

  4. sweet! Shared here


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