Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Turdus Maximus

is the Latin name for the Tibetan blackbird.

                                                 Illus. via summagallicana

Is this hilariously funny, or have I just been spending too much time with the potty-training crowd?                                    


  1. That is too funny. I won't tell my sons though, or I will hear it repeated 24/7 for months! ;)

  2. Oh Maiz!
    That is the perfect name for one of those funny little dolls that I like to make. Turdus Maximus, it has lots of personality! I am serious, one of my dollies will be named Turdus, Deal!

  3. I am back before I forget!
    That's the code that I had to type here in order to leave my previous comment. Another funny name!

  4. potty training and diaper changing does seem to effect the brain and give one a wonderful sense of humour

  5. That is very funny--but I don't know that I am the best judge either, as all India will talk about is poop and tushies!

  6. I've been away from potty training for over a year, (still have plenty of little ones in my house) and that was still what I first thought of!


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