Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preschooler Portraits

I love taking portraits of preschoolers.  I prefer to photograph these kids spontaneously when they are in the middle of their day.  That way they are both busy and relaxed and are wearing their everyday clothes and hairstyles.  Sometimes they are even in costumes, or there is paint or food on their faces.  They usually look at the camera and give me a practiced "Cheese" smile, but if I wait just a minute or two, it goes away and something real happens.  Sometimes I try to warm them up by asking them questions or joking around with them.  If I am lucky (and quick), I can catch them in one of those magic moments, and in their portrait we will see a glimmer of their future adult selves or a fleeting expression of genuine emotion.


  1. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous children! I love these! xo

  2. You're so good my friend!!
    I absolutely love each one of the portraits.
    Ruben's curls are out of this world, pure perfection :)

  3. omg, those are all gorgeous! i could just eat that pic of joey--scrumpteous! and ruben's just as delicious. you are GREAT at this! wtg! thanks for sharing:)

    jeri lynn

  4. I LOVE these!! They are gorgeous! I must confess I alsolove the cheesy smile ones of the girl above, reminds me of my kids before they learned the artifice of a "real" cheesy smile....


  5. i love each and every one of these
    you capture the magic in their eyes

  6. You are so Talented!!!!!! I love these photo's!!!!!!


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