Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Travels with Julio

Traveling solo with a toddler definitely requires careful planning and many compromises.

I packed all sorts of things to keep Julio entertained and well-fed, but I was afraid that the long flight would be too much for both of us.

Instead, there were no disasters.

Of course, it was cramped and uncomfortable and the flight was soooo looong, but Julio was a brilliant little traveler.  Both ways.  Our neighbors on the planes even thanked and complimented us, as Julio was in a pleasant mood or sleeping the whole time.  People around us laughed when somewhere over the Atlantic he loudly exclaimed, "A CUCUMBER for ME? Oh, THANK YOU, Mama! THANK YOU!"  I know that I got off easy, so please don't hate me if you are the people whose toddler screamed for 10 hours straight the last time you flew to China.  Or if you were sitting next to them.

It will probably be a while before Julio and I go on a long trip together again, so we will have some time to enjoy these sweet memories of our first perfect flight together.


  1. There is tiny hope for me then... We are setting off back home on our second long trip, but now our baby is a toddler and I believe it makes things a little bit different... ;)
    Well, hoping for the best.

    Ps.: loved your blog. It is a pity I only but found it...
    Best wishes!


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