Saturday, June 12, 2010

S'mores Kit

We get invited to a lot of birthday parties, and in the interest of keeping things fun and frugal, we've become masters of the under $5 birthday present.  Okay, maybe under $7, but also sometimes totally free!  One thing I've found is that kids always enjoy getting some kind of food treat for their birthday.  One parent told me that her son loved root beer, and you should have seen him hit the roof when Diego handed him a 4-pack of Virgil's at his party.  We've given homemade cookies and candies, and they've always been well received, especially when my kids had a hand in making them.

We made a big batch of homemade marshmallows yesterday, and Diego suggested that we give some to their adorable 5 and 7 year old friends at a brother/sister double birthday party today.  We decided to step it up and make a whole "S'mores Kit."  If this isn't the perfect summer birthday present, I don't know what is.

Chocolate and graham crackers from Trader Joe's, and a couple of take-out chopsticks for toasting the marshmallows at home on the stove top (because who can wait until the next campfire?)

Diego penned the instructions:

Don't you love kindergarten writing?  That's a campfire at the bottom, and an exploded diagram that I outlined for him which he glued on and enhanced.  Of course, we made sure to include enough for their parents, too!

Keep an eye out for the label "Make + Do" for some fabulously frugal projects and activities for the current economy!


  1. Hey!!!! Do you remember me? I'm Beatrix, daughter of Alexis and Chris, sister of Willa and India.
    I love your blog!!!!!! That is the cutest little present!!!!! I would have loved to get that. If you want, you can click on my website URL and look at my blog. I will surely be a consistent reader of your blog.

  2. That is a great idea, and I especially love Diego's instructions. I look forward to many more "Make + Do" projects!

  3. love love love the campfire drawing and all the !!!!!!!!!

  4. Maiz:
    Natalie and Diego LOVED this present.
    To be totally honest, it was their very favorite one.
    And guess who almost ate half of them:
    Next time you need to write on the box:
    for the kids only!
    We kept the drawing/instructions (it's a collectible).
    THANK YOU!!!!
    Elsita :)

  5. Diego is one amazing artist! That is easily the coolest, most artist depiction of a camp fire I've ever seen. Just look at those flames! Genius.

    I've always wanted to try making homemade marshmallows. Your package is brilliant.

  6. A very sweet idea and I love the frugal aspect. Also love how you packaged it. I'm glad you mentioned finding graham crackers at Trader Joe's because I've looked for them there but didn't find them. Are these plain graham crackers or the cinnamon type? Thanks!


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