Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cramped Quarters

                                                              from 'To Give Them Light, The Legacy of Roman Vishniac'

This is the basement home of a porter and his family, photographed in the late 1930's in Warsaw, Poland by the legendary Roman Vishniac.

If I ever complain that our house is too small, please kick me.


  1. That doesn't look like much fun, but I've always really loved small homes. I want to live in the Shire!

  2. yes a hobbit house for me on the edge of a beautiful old growth forest with a babbling brook nearby

  3. I so appreciate the truth of what you said, and how you chose to say it.

    (We lived for lots of years in less than 800 square feet, and it's seems just right to us we'll end up together in a house that size again. Hobbits we are.)

  4. Sort of an ominous picture, when you think of the time and location. I wish I knew more of their story...


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