Thursday, July 1, 2010

How I Look

Diego took this picture of me yesterday:

I wish I could also show you what I was looking at, because it was about the cutest thing ever: a grinning five-year-old photographer, squinting into the viewfinder and leaning back to compensate for the weight of a camera that was almost as big as his head.

I love this picture, and I'm very excited about having another photographer in the family.  Thanks, my sweet boy!

*Bonus points if you can guess the designer of the shirt I'm wearing, and extra bonus points if you are the designer!*


  1. How is it that I am getting older, but you are not? Is there a "Dorian Gray" portrait of you in an attic somewhere?

    I bet I can guess the designer, but I'll leave that for someone else...

  2. i can't guess the designer, but i know exactly how you feel about your photographer. :)

  3. fantastic portrait
    kudo's to the photographer!!!
    i have no idea but i guess elsita:)

  4. you look beautiful. i spotted the blouse right away! so happy to see it on you!!


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