Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Collect 'em all!

I'll admit that I am not a big fan of marketing aimed at children, and even less so of the little ads that are hidden inside of almost all toy packaging.  The worst thing about them?  They work.

So, what can you do if one of these ads happens to fall into the hands of a young child who can't stop thinking about those toys?  You can say, "Okay, let's make the pictures into toys!"

The art director waiting for the stylist to finish his final touches:

This idea was inspired by Joel's excellent paper city, a metropolis where all 16 of our action figures now reside...


  1. Hi Maiz, I love that pic of Diego and Ruben on the couch, you have such a talent for really capturing personal moments!

  2. this would be so much fun to do with all my superhero blogging friends pictures


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