Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome to Our Dollhouse (part 1)

Home, sweet home.  It's cluttered and dusty, and torn apart daily by a one-year-old baby, but it's all paid off, and we love it.

Here I am kicking back in one of my favorite rooms:

For a nice addition to your toy house, take a picture of some artwork that is on the wall in your real house.  Then print it out, but reduce the size so that it prints at about one or two inches high.  Frame it and hang it!

We used wooden coffee stirrers that I cut with a sharp knife.  My son colored them brown and glued them directly onto the picture.

Some other ideas are:

Have your child draw or paint the artwork, then photograph it and reduce the size.

"Laminate" it with clear packing tape before framing, so it looks like it's behind glass.

Make miniatures of your favorite books by photographing the covers and folding them around several tiny sheets of paper.

Print out a tiny version of your favorite family portrait.

Use silver paint or pens or glitter glue on the frames.

Take a "family portrait" of the dolls and frame that.

If you don't have a printer, use a beautiful postage stamp!

  (The picture shown above is a print that I love of a beautiful papercut by Elsita.  She sells them here.)

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  1. you have so many fantastic ideas
    i love the teeny tiny elsa picture


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