Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome to Our Dollhouse (part 2) & Cereus

I made these pipe-cleaner people as temporary inhabitants of our dollhouse, thinking I'd eventually find the perfect dolls.  I looked everywhere for some little characters that would be neutral or general enough in their expression, gender and physical traits that the kids could assign any personalities and moods they wanted to them.  I was looking for dolls that would be easily posable, preferably not plastic, durable, fun to touch, and not expensive.

Almost four years later, these pipe cleaner people are still played with nearly every day.  They turned out to have all of the traits I was looking for, and have been used in many wonderfully different ways and scenarios by my kids and their friends.  Often, kids who visit us will pick out a small one and say, "This is me."

And now for something completely different:

Once or twice a year, I move this gangly, strange plant inside from its usual favorite location out back by the dryer vent.  I got it as a bridal gift from a dear friend who was once my preschool teacher.  She told me that even though it wasn't much to look at yet, it was a Night-Blooming Cereus, a cutting from her own plant, and that after a couple of years it would flower for me and I would understand why she gave it to me.

It blooms late at night, for one night only, and the enormous flower is a stunning and deliciously fragrant spectacle.  By the following morning, it is limp and closed.

Tonight's the night.

If I can stay up late enough, I'll have some pictures of the flower for you tomorrow.

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