Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We stopped for apples on the way.

I love being there in the off season.  The weather was perfect, and the tourists gone.

The first night, we had the campground to ourselves.

The tidepools, new moon night sky, tumbling on the dunes, empty campground and new binoculars were perfect.  So were the roasted marshmallows and cold root beers.  And my heart soars when I think of the way the boys fell over themselves about the sea caves at low tide, climbing big rocks (and throwing small rocks), and watching the bats and the sunsets.  We learn so much and sleep so deeply when we camp out.

Doesn't it all look so effortless?  It wasn't. 

But it was so wonderful that we'll do it again and again and again.


  1. Where is this? It looks like Montana del Oro to me (central California), but I am no expert--and I don't know of any apple picking near there. Maybe you're in Maine? My boys love the rocks and crabs and frogs at MdO. The wind and poison oak, not so much!

  2. camping was my absolute favorite thing to do when the children were young.
    Now it is canoe tripping.

  3. Love the apple picture. Not sure what's yummier, the fruit or that chubby hand!


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