Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For Margaux

I have a little friend named Margaux who lives in Switzerland.  Even though I've never met her in person, I know that she is a very special little girl!  Her mother sent us some lovely soft toys that she made for our boys, and wrote that Margaux had enjoyed making up stories about them.  This is an update of what the toys have been doing since they arrived at our house.  I hope her mother will translate it for her, and perhaps if you know a little person who would enjoy it, you could read this story to them:

A Letter from Duck
Dearest Margaux,

We have finally arrived at our new home in California!

We were very happy to get out of that box (US Mail is not so nice as Swiss Air, if you know what I mean).  We were greeted by THREE very enthusiastic little boys, Diego, Ruben and Julio, but guess what?  They only spoke English!  Rooster found someone right away who could translate for us.

Crow was so tired from all of the travels.  Diego took one look at him and said, "He looks like he has passed out."  He was given a glass of wine, and put to bed.

After a long sleep, he was as good as new, and joined us on a terrific, whirlwind tour of our new place.

The bed crow slept in belonged to a little fellow named JunJun.  He was very sweet, and was so taken with my overalls, that I decided to let him wear them.  The straps were a bit too long for him, so I picked out some buttons that I liked.

And my new friend, Diego, sewed them on for me.

They were red.

JunJun was so happy!  He is teaching me English, and I am teaching him French, and we are now very good friends.

Speaking of friends, we have each picked a boy from our new family to call our very own.  My boy is Diego, Crow picked Julio, and Rooster chose Ruben.  Rooster and Ruben love each other so much!  They have already had so many adventures together, and are planning to have many, many more.

We also met up with a friendly elephant.  Do you remember him?  He remembers you fondly, and asked me to send you kisses and hugs.  He has been living here for a while, and has taught us some things about how to behave when we are in our new home.  He fits in very well here!

Well, I think that is all of the news that I have for you today.  So, bye-bye from all of your Swiss friends who are living in Los Angeles.

We really love our new home and our new friends, so thank you very much for sending us here.  I hope that you will come visit us here some day!




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