Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why, Oh Why?

I tried to look up "Why don't my Blogger comments work,"  but Google suggested all kinds of new things for me to worry about. 

It's Google's very own neurotic inner monologue!  Are those really the top 10 things people wonder about that start with an M?


If you have any ideas about why some people cannot post comments here, please share them.  Have you tried to leave a comment?  I've noticed on a couple of Blogger blogs that my comments won't post from Firefox, but they will from Safari.  If you have the answer, and your comments don't work, please email it to me!


  1. I don't know why other people can't post comments, but I have to post my own to say how funny and bizarre this top 10 list is! Thanks for making me laugh. (I'm posting from firefox, by the way). -Suz

  2. My comments work--I'm on Firefox from a Mac. I've never had problems commenting on any blog. But I can't get my "follower" picture to work!

    BTW, this post was so funny I made my husband look at it.

  3. great neurotic list. google is like the rest of us after all.

    Posted via Firefox

  4. never a problem for me
    but i would like to know why mormons don't drink coffee?


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