Thursday, October 14, 2010

Date Night

Toys stay on the floor and dishes in the sink...  Tonight is date night.  At least, I think it is.  Joe's not back from tucking in Diego, so that might be a sign that he's accidentally resting up for date night.  I should know.  I just woke up from putting Julio to bed.

"What does this dynamic couple do for date night?" I know you're wondering.  No, there is no babysitter or idling taxi waiting for me to put the finishing touches on my up-do.  These days, date night is more of a sweatpants and herbal tea type of affair.  There is usually a laptop and a DVD involved.  Sometimes we watch the whole thing (not in one installment) or enjoy a (huge) bowl of ice cream.

When Diego was a baby, we used to read or play scrabble or cribbage, make some music together or (once) do some stretching and a light workout.  For that matter, before the kids came along, we even used to go out.  Those luxuries are on hold these busy days, but you know what?  I really don't mind.  I love watching a movie (falling asleep) next to Joe on the couch.  I know our days of out-on-the-town will be back before long, but right now I can't even imagine staying out late.  I think I'd rather have a babysitter come at 5:30 in the morning so Joe and I could get an extra hour of sleep.  Speaking of which, I'd better go wake him up for date night!


  1. You've said it all just perfectly.

    Enjoy it all to the fullest!

  2. This sounds EXACTLY like our date night, except instead of the laptop we haul out an old TV from the front hall closet. Enjoy!

  3. ahh
    i remember those days and nights very well

  4. Hope ya had a wonderful time (i.e. stayed awake). We must have date night every night by your toys stay on floor, dirty dishes in the sink standard :)

  5. so true...

    and so comforting...

    to have a family you love so much you're willing to give up something for them...

  6. Sounds like a date night at the Roberts house!


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