Monday, October 11, 2010

You Can't Handle, The Truth

I'm surely not the first person to have this idea, but this morning when I went grocery shopping without my reusable bags and had to use paper, I realized:

Putting handles on paper bags causes a huge waste!

When I was a kid, we never double-bagged our groceries.  The bags didn't have handles, and we carried them up in our arms.  When we bought lots of cans or other heavy loads, they were usually put into old cardboard boxes for us, but mostly groceries were brought home in single brown paper bags.

Now that there are flimsy handles on all of the bags, nobody around here carries the bags by holding the bottoms any more.  Most people end up using either two paper bags or a paper and a plastic together for each sack of groceries in order to make sure they don't drop them if the handle breaks!

I'm sure there must be studies and statistics about this, right?  Seriously, it's probably time to ban the bags, but at the very least, let's forgo the convenience and go back to paper bags without handles!

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  1. I recently forgot my canvas bags too. I asked for a paper bag and the bagger started putting the paper bag in a plastic bag. I thanked her but said the paper bag would be fine. She and the checker both said, "But they don't have handles!" Gasp!


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