Monday, April 11, 2011

Tin Can Memory Game

Do you remember when I mentioned that we got a can opener that removes the lids without leaving sharp edges?  Of course, I've been saving all of our lids for future projects, and now we have a lot of them.

So, we used stickers to turn them into a Memory Game.

We made several matching pairs, and we play the game like this: 

Turn over all of the lids,

Take turns turning over two at a time and trying to find the matching pairs.  If you find a pair, put it on your stack and go again.  If you don't find a match, it is the next person's turn.

There is something extra fun about playing a game that you have made, so we've been using this one a lot.  These metal lids are really nice to handle and stack, and the boys have found all sorts of other creative uses for them.  They've also made some fun sticker combinations that are waiting for more lids, and they get very excited about expanding the game each time we cook something from another matching can.

Some Tips and Tricks:

If you're playing with someone under five, you can make it easier for them by making one big stack of the pairs that all of the players find, or you can let them turn over three lids on each turn instead of two.

I think this game would be so fun (and a great gift for a 1-6 year old) if you made it with your own photo stickers using pictures of the faces of friends and family.  I will definitely try this some day!

Use matching cans that don't have a rubbery coating on the inside.

Do not make this game with can lids if you don't have a special can opener!


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