Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weeds and Seeds (part 2)

After school today, I asked the kids if they knew how those prickers stuck to their socks yesterday.  They had a couple of ideas, like "they're sharp, like a needle" and "maybe they are sticky."

So, when we got home, I put out the prickers, stickers and burrs that I had collected yesterday.  I set them on white paper, with a couple of magnifying loupes, a microscope, a flashlight and a pair of socks.  I invited the boys to examine.

They were amazed by what they saw.  Ruben's first comment was, "Diego's socks are made out of strings!"  But then, they noticed the hooks:

And the barbs:

And they got lost in this tiny world.

And then, there was the answer.  Look at how they grab onto our socks!

(click on photos to view larger)


  1. i love each and every image so much

  2. Hi, I've known your blog through Joel, I just browse and have left me smitten. I really like your photos, ideas you have and the cleanliness of your blog. I follow but do not know how to make friends in your blog.


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