Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weeds and Seeds

I thought it would be fun to stop in an overgrown vacant lot to look at grass seeds.

Our whole city is blooming and making seeds these days, in response to an unusual abundance of winter rain.

I brought along some egg cartons, thinking that the kids would like to collect and sort the seeds.

Instead, they gamboled off like little billy goats.

When they stopped to pull prickers from their socks, I mentioned that this was how grasses spread.  I decided to gather some seeds myself, in case they wanted to look at them when we got home.

There was a beautiful variety, even some wheat!

I think I'll put the seeds out after school with some magnifying glasses and pairs of socks.  Maybe the kids can figure out how they stick!

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  1. my eldest daughter did a science fair project about hitch hiker seeds


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